Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What the Peddler ?

The peddler

The original goal was to have the bike ready by the first of the year for the second running of the fools or as the event hosts like to call it...the Papago Pounder. Its my home turf. Cut my teeth on that shitty little dusty box of rocks. Having the bike even built not to mention painted is a long shot, with all the projects i've got on the bench currently. Maybe the MBAA at Mcdowell Mountain.

cardboard mock up

Lets see what kind of a hand we have been dealt here. One third fender skirt, lays right along the seat stay for chain clearance.
The fender isnt a true "balloon" fender so the wrap is minimal, but the length is right. The rear suspension link is going to have to anchor and trim the front, and the rear will be held with standard fender braces. Due to the size of the knobbies and the clearance issues, they will have to be fabricated from flat stock. Probably aluminum. This bitch is going to be heavy, no doubt, but full fricken aero too. Look at this profile.

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